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Fremantle is undergoing a re-imagining that will
be the catalyst for change. A re-awakening of a
unique location with a DNA that is borne out of
authenticity not manufacture.


The City of Fremantle’s commitment to the future is highlighted in ‘FREO 2029 – Transformational Moves’ document. Their commitment illustrates the key implementation steps for the transformation process
to put Fremantle back on the map.

This along with State Government commitments, community support and appetite, Fremantle will once again be the destination it was always meant to be. Strong indicators underpin the focus Fremantle is seeing in terms of development.

The socio-demographic profile of the trade area residents reflects a well-established inner region of Perth, containing traditional households in their mid to late life stages, who earn above average income levels and also popular with retirees.

Kings Square has obtained pre-commitment from the State Government for 20,800 sqm of its office floorspace, adding
1,600 workers on-site.

The worker trade area population is estimated to reach almost 24,200 workers by 2031.

FOMO will serve several key customer segments, including the broad residential catchment around Fremantle, the surrounding workers, as well as tourists, visitors and students.

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Mandurah Train Line
Fremantle Train Line
Perth Train Station
Fremantle Train Station

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If you are interested in being part of the FOMO family and having your business in the beating heart of Freo, please give us a call.

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